ZORT Retail Management System | Try POS system free for 15 days


Starting from 809 THB/month

The ZORT POS system is a perfect match for small businesses and SMEs who operate offline stores or sell products on consignment and, therefore, need a tool to track each of your inventories and an economical POS system for your stores. You can try out our POS system free for 15 days without any form of commitments.

Integrate with offline stores

Seamlessly unify your offline stores with the back office system. Get a real-time update on your products from anywhere you are and manage your business more effectively.

Support barcode scanning

The ZORT barcode system is included in the POS package which starts from 809THB/month. The barcode system is a life-changing tool for you if you are someone who is sick and tired of counting the stock manually which is time-consuming and likely to cause errors. With ZORT's barcode scanning system, you can save time both for yourself and your customers, and improve accuracy of your work.

Analyze business data

Grow your business by leaps and bounds with the ZORT business analytics which provide you with business insights. No need to jot down and assemble data by yourself anymore because with ZORT, you can get instant reports in one single click!

Create accounting documents

Not only is the ZORT POS system inexpensive, but it is also designed to help you reduce recruitment costs. Our features can create all relevant documents in retail works so you can save a great deal of time and money.


There are 2 subscription plans available: 3,1000 THB for 3 months and 9,700 THB for 12 months.


       The ZORT POS package is affordable and  suitable for small and medium sized businesses because the system supports up to 1,000 transactions per month and there is no limitation on product SKUs. The package comes with a wide range of features such as advanced reports, basic accounting, barcodes, payment status, logistics, and payment gateways, allowing you to sell more systematically and more conveniently both for offline stores and consignment businesses.