Connecting sales through ZORT Social Commerce

What is the ZORT Social Commerce feature?

Social Commerce is the latest feature from ZORT, a tool that caters to businesses selling products through platforms such as Facebook, LINE OA, LINE SHOPPING, and TikTok Shop, making it more convenient and easier than before. It enables business owners to organize sales through live streaming on Facebook more easily, with the system automatically extracting orders from comments and providing automated billing summaries through chat. Additionally, it allows the integration of LINE OA and Facebook Messenger chats for product discussions, order creation, and closing sales in one place, reducing the hassle of switching between platforms. Furthermore, it enables the management of orders and product inventory from the store’s LINE SHOPPING and TikTok Shop in the ZORT system.

Comprehensive connection to Social Commerce


Facebook Messenger

Chatting with all customers who message the page in one place

Facebook Live

The CF extraction system is a tool for summarizing orders and automatically generating instant chat-based billing summaries.


Line Official Account

Chatting with all customers who message via LINE in one place

Line Shopping (My Shop)

Integrating inventory and orders for comprehensive management within the ZORT system. Regenerate response



Connecting sales through Sale Pages with customizable tracking.

Chat and Order Management System

Connecting product inventory with all sales channels

Supports Facebook Live streaming

Selling on TikTok with ZORT features