Stock Management

What is the Product Stock Management system?

Stock Management is tracking and managing products in the shop according to the customer’s need. Best-selling products should be produced and stocked in sufficient amount so the shop could sell continuously. Stocked products need to be considered in various aspects such as being a best-selling product, product life, stock period, seasonal product popularity, etc. Product stock system is the factor effecting the stock period and product life. Therefore, the shop highly needs an assistance to manage online product stocks to track and see the performance for each product and which product should be promoted

Objective and advantages of stock management

ZORT, the product stock checking service provider

ZORT’s online stock management system is the important assistant for the entrepreneurs to manage stocks conveniently and accurately

Inventory management system displays detailed and easy-to-understand data

Convertible to Excel File

Stock Management System updates the stock in real-time

The stock checking system is compatible with products with Serial Number

It is clear that the shops with good stock management system could manage the product stocks efficiently. The costs could be reduced, product verifications done faster, and advantageous when compared to the competitor with non-systematic management. Your business could be operated easier when you choose the online product stock management as you could check the stock anytime and anywhere