Product Stock Report System

Summarize the product stock with ZORT’s product stock report system to operate your business effectively. The system reports the online sales, starting from product stock report, product inventory report, sales report, as well as daily profit-loss to maximize the profit and minimize the loss for your online business as much as possible

The Stock Reporting System for Smooth Business Operations

The stock reporting system helps online business owners maximize profits and reduce losses to the fullest extent possible. From reporting on inventory to comprehensive online sales reporting systems, the easy-to-use stock reporting system offers six advantages for choosing ZORT’s stock reporting system for business owners to use for analysis and future business planning. The six benefits of the stock reporting system are as follows

The operation system is easy to understand and not complicated

Automatic profit-loss calculation system

Variety and Detailed Product Sales Report

Customer’s Purchasing Behavior Report

Report the Product Stock in Inventory

Convert Report to Excel File