Our partners, the supporter
for all-in-one online shops

ZORT is the business partner of various leading organizations, helping your business grow steady and strong together

Online department store with fast delivery, reliable, providing the convenience when ordering the products

Mobile phone and online trading platform that is fun, reliable, safe, and free! We are the leading online market platform in Southeast Asia

Social network that let you connect with friends, share photos, follow the interesting topics, share the memories, event planning, online chat, as well as trading on the page and Facebook’s Marketplace

LINE account that could send general information, sales and marketing events, or special promotions to the customers. The brand could manage its own texts or photos through LINE’s content manager system

Online shop plugin for WordPress which lets you create the online shop on eCommerce platform. The platform is the world’s most popular. API could be developed according to the shop characteristics and the design in beautiful

A new instant website which make website creation easy, support responsive, displaying beautifully on each device. Effective for SEO-compatible online shops and websites

 eCommerce software. We are the best eCommerce platform with everything that the shop needs for sales in both online, social media, and on-site offline shops

Easy-to-use and effective online shop manager. Modifiable to suit each shop’s usage

eCommerce platform service for retail shops and brands. Also, the solution for shop management on cloud, making your business develop and grow fast

An express parcel delivery company which utilized technology to reduce parcel delivery complications for business of all sizes in southeast Asia

The partner that combines transportation companies in one system, easy to connect and select

Parcels and document delivery, trusted by all businesses with professional teams. Delivery guaranteed and support cash on delivery

Post and e-commerce logistics service provider. An all-in-one global standard that Thai users think of

Kerry’s parcel delivery management system which provide you more than delivery, making your parcel delivery easy, convenient, fast, and accessible from anywhere

South Korea’s largest transportation and logistics service provider, ready to serve in Thailand. The aim is to serve the parcel delivery seamlessly, high quality, and trusted by online entrepreneurs

Accounting program for the businesses that need growth in digital era. Good management systems. The data could be used in business management and helps you access the source of funds more easily

An all-in-one online accounting service provider that helps entrepreneurs to manage accounting documents anyplace, anytime conveniently and easily

Thailand’s leading business group which utilizes the concept of sustainable development in economy, society, and environment as a foundation for the operations. Maximizes the profit for all partners, resulting in Thailand’s balanced and sustainable development

is a service provider for collect-pack-deliver or Fulfillment and all-in-one logistics system that is an expert in delivery and inventory management for large wholesalers and leading companies with more than 20 years of experience

Packing service, specially for the online merchants. Merchants know each other. Free collection, packing, and delivery to the post and other deliverers