ZORT online order management system also helps you manage your orders

receive product orders easily and conveniently, giving you more time to manage your business more effectively.

ZORT established a shipping system that is especially useful for small businesses because it starts at just 99 Baht per month, 299 Baht for three months, and 999 Baht for a year. Additionally, you have the option of selecting the Flash courier, which are more reasonably priced, or other couriers such as Kerry, Ninja Van, etc. These are the details for the 3-month and 1-year packages

The Order Management System (OMS) of ZORT is a comprehensive software that helps manage sales and product orders efficiently for your business. This system allows you to track and manage your orders from start to finish within one system. With OMS, you can manage notifications for order status, shipping, and also generate reports to help you analyze your business.

The online order management system is user-friendly

For online businesses, it is necessary to have a tool that helps manage online orders in a convenient way. This reduces complexity and prevents errors such as orders falling through the cracks. Additionally, it allows businesses to track the status of products from the beginning of the process all the way to delivery to the customer.

Managing orders made easy with ZORT features

The order management system begins with entering various types of product orders, and then the customer’s order management system prioritizes the orders according to the order sequence. After that, the system manages online orders by distributing stock according to the inventory and delivering the products on the scheduled delivery date. This order management system is a vital tool for those who sell products online in today’s world

Orders can be received from various channel

The system collects orders and purchase orders from distributors

Customer order management system

Order management system that connects front-end and back-end store data

Create a simple sale page that helps close sales quickly (Sale Page)

Order management system that creates invoices and other important accounting documents

Order management that tracks order status from start to finish

Order management system that is easy to use