Free ZORT order management system

start at 2,000.-/month

This package is appropriate for medium and large stores who use a variety of E-Commerce platforms to sell their products. It can gather sales in one spot across social media, websites, and marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada, etc. With ZORT’s comprehensive order management system, you can place orders systematically and precisely. Especially! Free 15-day trial of our order management system (no commitment or credit card required

Order management system package

You get 15 days to use ZORT’s online sales system without charge, any restrictions and submitting a credit card details, it’s just ready to use now! We offer the following options if monthly and yearly registrations seem to be of interest to you

The 3-month package is priced at only 8,000 baht. The 1-year package is priced at only 24,000 baht. In addition to ZORT offering you a free online sales system with full features, monthly and yearly services can also be used with Full Features too. It’s up to 2000 transactions per month with our dealer system, advanced reports, basic finance, customer quotes, barcodes, serial numbers, shipping services, and many more features that respond to the order management of online stores

Order consolidation

Data from all sales channels should be combined and managed in one place. No matter how many channels you use to sell your products online, our order management system that starts at just 2,000 Baht a month will help you organize everything. We guarantee that your order won’t get misplaced and you can monitor your products more readily and easily

Upload products

You can quickly increase your sales channel by uploading product information to other sales channels using ZORT’s order management system. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to upload one channel at a time and you can add as many products as you like

Account transactions report

Transaction fees and shipping prices for each carrier don’t need to be typed manually anymore. The feature of ZORT’s e-commerce system can display transactions, shipping costs, and pre-made profit and loss calculations for multiple marketplaces. You can efficiently organize your sales and raise your potential for profit

Complementary products and product bundles

With our flexible sales management system, you can manage your complementary or promotional products more conveniently. No matter which product you are pairing with to promote sales, you can easily add information to the system and generate better sales

Sign up today to enjoy a 15-day free trial of the system

You can start using the full-featured ZORT platform for managing orders and inventory for free with no obligations or commitments, and all features are available to you