ZORT Shipping​

Affordable shipping system with comprehensive features

The starting price is 99.-/month only.

ZORT has designed an affordable delivery system to meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. The system integrates with a variety of shipping providers to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of goods. ZORT’s comprehensive management system can connect with various shipping providers to give users the flexibility to choose the most suitable shipping method for their business. This helps to reduce costs and streamline operations, enabling small businesses and entrepreneurs to remain competitive in the market

Who is the ZORT delivery system suitable for?

ZORT has designed its delivery system specifically for small businesses, as it starts at just 99 baht per month, or 299 baht for three months, and only 999 baht for one year. The system also allows users to choose shipping via Flash at a lower cost, or to select other shipping providers such as Kerry and Ninja Van at an affordable price. The package details for both the three-month and one-year packages are as follows:

To connect the shipping system at a more cost-effective price

Through ZORT’s shipping system, you can select any couriers. In addition to our reasonable monthly price, using Flash, Kerry, or another courier is less expensive than shipping yourself. It will make your store management incredibly convenient and enable you to ship through Kerry, Flash, etc. for a low and cost-effective fee

Supports a wide range and is available throughout the country

ZORT’s shipping system offers home parcel pickup, cash on delivery, and cost-effective shipping. Your customers will have more alternatives for payment. As a result, it is another approach to raise your chances of making sales

Quick and easy printing of shipping label

ZORT’s system has shipping label features that might help you save time and budget. Using the data contained in the database, you may instantly print a shipping label. There’s no need to waste time typing information again or to spend the entire day typing

Create a precise packing list

No matter how many products you pack, mistakes are impossible. Printing our exact packing list will allow you to promptly pack all products in accordance with customer preferences. It will contribute to the order not being lost and enhance customer’s impression

Sign up today to enjoy a 15-day free trial of the system

You can start using the full-featured ZORT platform for managing orders and inventory for free with no obligations or commitments, and all features are available to you.